#208 Stuart Browse A Lifetime of Mentoring to Love What You Do

Hey There and welcome to 208  of the Today’s leader podcast. Over the recent weeks we have had some amazing international leaders on our show and this week’s guest is no less amazing, just a bit closer to home…. two streets away and a lifetime of mentoring away.

Stuart Browse is the National Quality Manager for LifeStyle Campers here in Brisbane. Lifestyle Campers has an enviable reputation as one of Australia’s leading off-road camper trailers and off-road caravan manufacturers that has been cultivated over two decades of innovation, design, and manufacturing. They are renowned around Australia as one of the best campers on the market and have an amazingly loyal customer base and the community around the quality of their products.

Stuart and Lifestyle Campers can be contacted at https://www.lifestylecampers.com.au/

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