Committing to Your Growth

This Saturday (14th June), I will be guiding a team of people, committed to changing their life for the better, through a world class John Maxwell program, “Today Matters”. We all have our own beliefs on success, people get lucky, people are in the right place and the right time….yet simply, Success is driven by what we do every day. We place too much emphasis on yesterday, put too much expectation on tomorrow, yet often waste the only day that we really have…TODAY. Success if driven by what we do TODAY.

Do you want to change your world. Start next Saturday at Today Matters, You will walk away understanding how JOHN MAXWELL has maintained his level of success for over 40 years, plus you will walk away with a plan to achieve yours. It’s time for you to take charge for you. Join me next Saturday, you will never regret investing in this program. I believe there is more for all of us, and this opportunity may be the door opener you need.

Today Matters : You Matter.

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