Tony Curl

Tony has been a successful corporate leader for 30 years. He now works alongside leaders around the world, and at home in Australia, to maintain clarity on their vision and purpose, and helps map their way around their roadblocks and obstacles. Tony helps people take the steps in their lives to become an influential leader. The leaders Tony helps aspire to greatness, so if you are aspiring to greatness take steps today. Unless you take action on your goals, they remain a dream. Contact him via : W: E:

NOW Resolution

Today is the 11th January and research would indicate that many New Year Resolutions have been broken and fallen over. Every New Year we long for a fresh start and look to make ourselves better and to chase our dreams and goals.If, resolutions aren’t backed by daily habits, actions and disciplines they are always doomed …

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Are the Right People Around the Table

In life and career, one of the biggest challenges we face is ensuring that you surround yourself with the right people. People who will challenge you, support be and overall be positive to be around. If you have negative people at the table, punt them. Surround yourself with people that care….Have a wonderful Christmas and …

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Your Best?

I’m currently on a Central Queensland visiting 30% of my team. These visits always present challenges into being away from family and friends, as well as effective communication with the remainder of my team. The distances are vast here, and due to isolation, each visit is hectic and completely full on. I’ve chosen to communicate …

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New Directions:NOW

Are you paralysed by perfection? Waiting until the time is right to move into something new? Are you paralysed by fear? Perception? The time is NEVER right, BUT the time is perfect to make that change you want to. The Mindeset is now, the time is now. Fix your clock to NOW time and reap the benefits.


Destiny: Hollywood loves the concept of Destiny, and many others live lives paralysed by the concept of destiny, as they await their destiny. William Shakespeare said “Its not in the stars that holds Destiny, it is in ourselves” What are you doing today to fulfil your potential? What is your personal plan to fulfil your destiny? Don’t wait for destiny, don’t …

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My Daily Jumpstart

“It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.” – Helen Keller To buy into a Vision, you must first buy  into the person. Character and Integrity builds trust, which enables you to “see” the person and then, and only then, do they buy into the Vision. Have a Great day.

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