Powerful stories and great advice!

You deserve to finish the year on a better note and considering the challenges we have faced globally you deserve a great deal. Seriously Simple Stuff is the first book by Tony ‘ Coach” Curl and his stories and advice is exactly what you need to ground yourself and get clarity for 2021.

More than just a great book.

Tony Curl shares his collection of stuff; his stories, his sayings, and his strategies that will help you get unstuck. Stories bind us to life, they inspire us, motivate us, and get us moving.

Coach Curl will align you to what is important in your life and what is important for you to do to create actions for your greatest ever life.

Steve Maraboli writes “This book is a treasure chest of wisdom, experience, and insight. May it help you navigate through this journey of life and find inspiration as you connect with his brilliant mind.”  Seriously Simple Stuff to Get You Unstuck is a collection of stories that will help navigate your way through this thing called life.

Tony is a living example of how success comes when you face your demons, and face up to what it is that you dearly want in life. The book really brings clarity to Tony’s message that “Life really can be simple”, it isn’t easy but it can be simple. How much better would your life be if you can bring simplicity into your life and unleash your greatest self. Let Tony show you the way.”

Verified Reviews

I have worked with Coach Curl in the past he did some Business coaching with me to help me launch a new product . His book is a great way to reassert your better self and get back on track
Jason Spaul
Business Owner
"Seriously Simple Stuff is a tremendous example of what's really important in life. Personally, it took me away from the daily grind and reminded me of what's REALLY important -
Brad Tupper
National Manager
This book is an absolute little gem, to read, and re-read! It is a very uplifting book, in a true blue 'Aussie' style, which leaves you motivated to get up and do stuff! I highly recommend it for everyone !
Susan Stein
Nutritional Guru

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