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The Coach Curl Academy is a self-development membership community created from a vision of growth and built from a foundation of trust. Cutting away the noise and delivering online learning courses with clarity to help you ENHANCE-BUILD-GROW.


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Your personal growth journey deserves a community that supports, encourages and motivates you to achieve more by striving for more. This is your community of accountability partners helping you to success.

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Over 55 Programs

Enhance your mindset, build and grow your leadership with over 55 programs designed to build the best you.


Our mini-programs are like a short burst of energetic growth. These can be taken over a cup of coffee for a double shot of growth.

Live Training

Live training held via webinar monthly for all members of the Academy. These are then relayed inside the Academy as an updating course.

Community Groups

Integrating social media with personal development. Join a group or make your own. A journey is more fun with others.

Community Forums

There is still a place for the old forum and bulletin boards. Easy to follow topics and easy to get involved. Most courses have their own forum

3 Membership Levels

Three membership levels including a free membership level. Each level is packed with value and screaming out to help you succeed.

Our Membership Offers

Four levels of membership including an exclusive Private Mentorship. The best value memberships around.