Mindset Mentoring

Who are you taking your orders from? Are you even listening to the best version of you?

Our Mindset Mentoring sessions will help you keep on track with the greatest version of you. It will help guide you on how to minimise the voice of the out-dated and keep you dialed into the voice of the greatest.

Activate and maintain a shift in your mindset

Mindset Mentoring


Experience tells us that people fall short of achieving sustainable positive change in their life due to an inability to shift mindset to accommodate the new habits and behaviours needed for positive change.


Everyone has two competing people within themselves. They have their best version of themselves, filled with great intention and belief, and they have an outdated version of themselves, wishing for nothing but more of the same.


Tony and Sharon Curl have been trained exclusively by Dr Steve Maraboli, renowned Behavioural Scientist and creator of Psycho-Neuro-Actualization. If anyone knows the dynamics of Human Behaviour and the Human Experience it is Dr Steve Maraboli.

How we can help?

Ever joined a gym, only to let attendance and still pay for the privilege.
You may keep telling yourself that you will start again tomorrow?
Ever started a diet, and keep telling yourself that one more piece of cake won't break the bank?
Ever wanted to travel, yet unable to save the money to do so, yet have a lot of stuff you don't use or value?
Ever wanted to get a new job, or a new start, or a new career yet did nothing about it?
Have you ever justified your actions with words and thoughts like " Better the devil you know", "Better safe than sorry" " Nice thought, but I have to be realistic" " Why would I want to do that for?"
Have you ever started something new, failed once and never returned to it?

All of these are symptoms that you are taking orders from an out--dated version of yourself. And it is keeping you where you are at.

We can help!

Mindset Mindhsift

We Offer the Following.

We offer the following:

Group Mindset Shift Mentoring - $95.00* a Month. A group of trusted like-minded people meeting monthly for two hours with either Tony or Sharon in person in Brisbane or via web technology. *Your first month investment is $247 as it includes a single discover session to ensure your journey starts well. All other months you pay just $95 for your mindset mindshift mentoring.
Gold Mindset Shift Mentoring - $247.00 a Month. In addition to attending a group mindset shift mentoring session, you receive an individual session as well with Tony or Sharon, every month.
Platinum Mindset Shift Mentoring - $447.00. In addition to attending a group mindset shift mentoring session, you receive two individual sessions with Tony or Sharon, every month.

If this excites you, and it should, contact us today and get you listening to, and acting on the orders of the best version of you. Please use the form below and provide the following details for us.

Location - Personal Sessions or via Web Technology
Preferred group mix : ladies, Men or mixed.
If you prefer Tony or Sharon as your coach.
* All efforts will be made to accommodate your requests. We will work with you to get the best results for you.

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